January 10, 2011

Web Application Performance Best Practices

Some of the thumb rules to flare better perfomance in web applications

§Appropriate usage of Caching
§Minimize HTTP Requests
§Removed unwanted HTML / JS / CSS
§Remove White Spaces
§Place CSS at Top of the page
§Move JS reference to the bottom of the page
§Reduce Image Size
§Cache Static content (Images / CSS / JS)
§Enable HTTP Compression
§Remove Duplicate Scripts

•Use a Content Delivery Network
•Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
•Avoid CSS Expressions
•Make JavaScript and CSS External
•Remove Duplicate Scripts
•Don’t scale images in HTML
•Flush the Buffer Early
•Reduce the Number of DOM Elements
•Minimize the Number of iframes
•No 404s
•Minimize DOM Access
•Optimize CSS Sprites
•Keep Components under 25K

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